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 Patch 1.1 : ChangeLog

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Date d'inscription : 25/04/2006

Patch 1.1 : ChangeLog Empty
MessageSujet: Patch 1.1 : ChangeLog   Patch 1.1 : ChangeLog Icon_minitimeMer 26 Avr 2006 - 14:04

Galactic Civilizations II v1.1 is here! This free update to Stardock's award-winning PC strategy game includes tons of new features, updates to the computer AI, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and more!

Here are some of the major new features:

* New Option: No tech trading.
* New Option: Blind exploration (players can't see the spheres of influence on the mini map)
* New Option: Random intelligence (Players select a general difficulty level and the game can randomize the indvidiaul intelligences of each player.
* New Option: Random number of players (Players can elect to have the game decide how many players they're going up against)
* New Option: Random opponents (Players can elect to have the game choose which players they are up against)
* New OPtion: Random galaxy size (Players can elect to have the game randomly pick a galaxy size)
* Computer AI *significantly* enhanced.
* Computer AI updated to work together with other players (including human player) to thwart a common foe.
* New Alien dialog: (ex: Drengin: "You complete me." ack!). Another Ex: Computer players grovel dialog more satisfying.
* Fleet Manager Screen added to manage stacks of ships and fleets that are on the same tile more easily
* Rally points can be moved
* Lots of UI tweaks
* Game will tell you when someone else is paying off, manipulating things behind the scenes to go to war with you (but won't tell you precisely who is doing it).
* Players can choose to upgrade ships and either have the functional components removed by default or have them stay.
* Unused Social Production now transferred automatically to military production rather than "wasted".
* Economic System overhauled to be more transparent and intuitive.
* Production that is the result of abililities is only charged at 50%. (that is, if player is getting 10 more industrial units of production per turn because of starbases, player abilities, etc. they only have to pay for 5 of it).
* Population growth revamped to put more emphasis on population growth ability and morale.
* Lots of new hot keys.
* Metaverse Scoring revamped.
* Ship Designer revamped to be easier to use, more powerful.
* Ship Designer now allows players to rotate ship pieces on the fly.
* Ship Destination markers also display how many weeks until ship arrives there.
* Selected ship displays an animated line showing where its destination is.
* Constructors will display what area of effect a starbase would have it one were built in the constructor's current position.
* Lots of new balancing of technologies, planetary improvements, starbase modules, etc. based on the feedback from players.
* Lots of new options added to the options screen
* Better support for modding (full-blown mod UI coming in v1.2).
* Soundtrack changes
* Lots of tweaks to improve pacing, balance, etc.
* Removed a lot of player discovered "exploits"
* Performance and memory optimizations
* New hot keys
* Lots of bug and glitch fixes
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Patch 1.1 : ChangeLog
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